Friday, 17 December 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Well semester 1 of 2nd year is officially over! And tis been an eventful one lol loadsa new friends and partying...a lot more coursework than I would have liked and a whole lot of drama :D

My Uni highlight would have to be the Photoshoot at the Norwood Hotel where I work. It was so much fun styling and customising the outfits with my hoards of jewelery. I even got to be the make up artist! I never realised how bossy I was until that day....the photographers insisted we helped direct our models on how to I rose to the challenge and eventually Shibby and Kirsty joined in :)

However, it has been a long semester and I can't wait to go home and cuddle up with the family by the fire and Christmas tree. That's if I get to fly home weather permitting...if not it will be me, my room and a microwave please snow, stay away!
Being the Irish socialite that I am, plans to hook up with my friends again are already being organised, and surprise surprise, it all involves booze! Likely to be every students plans over the next few weeks seeing as the majority of coursework stress has been and gone. Thank God.

I am having trouble when it comes to packing though. Seems being so generous and a Christmastime fanatic has its not being able to pack any clothes for home because my suitcase it bursting to the brim with Princess wrapped christmas presents! Well lets just say it better be unwrapped presents my case better be packed with when I come back to the 'deen :D

I've really enjoyed writing this blog, and to those of you who've read through my waffling I Thank You all! I am tempted to keep it up, probably not as regularly and especially not over the holidays 'cos I'm a busy girl. Lol.

Merry Christmas and have a savage New Year folks, see yis in 2011!

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

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