Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Philip Treacy

I was honestly left starstruck after googling Mr. Treacy. This genius has literally left me stunned and makes me so proud to be IRISH! His hats are the rare diamonds sought in the fashion world. He could even give Miss Elsa Schiaparelli a run for her money with his bold and daring designs....If you are a follower of style and the outlandish, continue reading!

Treacy is an Irish man through and through from rural Co. Galway. But he soon whisked himself off to Dublin to study in NCAD (The National College of Art and Design) to become the iconic Irish milliner that would shock and awe the public (in a good way).

Philip Treacy was summoned to Paris 1991 (when I was born!) by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld after he graduated and went on to design in the House of Chanel for ten years! This boy certainly got to live the dream. Treacy also started collaborating with Alexander McQueen for his white Haute Couture collection at Givenchy while he was livin' it up in Paris.
And the Philip Treacy set out on his own and never looked back!

He has been awarded the title of British Accessory Designer of the Year on FIVE occasions the early 1990s.

Branching out, Treacy designed hats for various films, including the legendary Harry Potter franchise and the stylish Sex and the City films! But Treacy's real claim to fame arose when he designed a hat for the Grammys and developed his close relationship to a miss LADY GAGA..........

Gaga modeling Treacy
This relationship was heightened when Gaga applied for an Internship with Treacy. Gaga wants to brush up on her millinery skills and create yet more flamboyant headpieces for her stage outfits. And who better to learn from than the extravegant Philip ? Talks are still underway but, fingers crossed, the crazy duo could be working together next summer.............imagine the possibilities !?

The Unconventional yet Brilliant Duo

Philip Treacy's A/W 2010/11' collection is stunning. The general theme is Edwardian like in the style of the hats, contrasting in bright colours of shocking pink and turquoise. I was quite surprised when I noticed that his collection seems to transcend down onto the high street in terms of colour and trends.

The fluffy headpieces everyone's sporting?...Take your hat off (excuse the pun) to Treacy. For his collection he created an outrageous pink number and now the majority of students are wearing the stylish headbands to keep cosy.

The oh so adorable hats with animal ears in the likes of River Island? All Philip Treacy! He created an armour like helmet in zebra print sports huge animal ears.

River Island 12.99

The turqouise and cream themed scarves and hats within the walls of Accessorise have been adopted due to Philip Treacy's colour scheme.

Accessorise 16.00

The endless accessories embellished with feathers and fur?.......Go raibh mille maith agat, Mr. Treacy (meaning 'thanks a million' in the Irish tongue)

Unfortunately Philip Treacy's homepage won't allow me to steal a few pictures for the blog but be my guest and explore the website. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

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