Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas daze

Well, I must say I've had quite a depressing few days...The snow is getting old. I believe that I'm possibly suffering from frostbite and to top the bad weather off and make me resent it even more, my Mammy and sisters can't fly over to visit me!

So as I begrudgingly cancelled their hotel booking, I thought 'what better way to cheer me up than a good auld night out?' So I rounded up the Irish troops and headed out for my friend's birthday. Despite hiking to the flat in boots filled with snow and my farmer friend wearing plastic bags as ski's, the weather didn't stop us from partying and twas quite a good night!
However, home nursing the hangover, the feeling of sadness started to sink in again. And then it hit me. And I call myself a fashion student ! To fill that empty void, the shopaholic in me whispered, 'retail therapy is the only way!'
So with that I threw on some woolies and ventured off out into the cold...

Seeing as December is finally amongst us, I felt it perfectly acceptable to let the Christmas shopping commence. And, surprisingly, buying for other folk was more exciting and rewarding than purchasing new outtfits for me....who knew!?

However, that last comment didn't stop me from looking ;)

H& The velvet red curtains in the window display drew me in and as soon as I wandered in, I felt immediately Christmassy. Christmas music flooded through the store and the rails were filled with racks of fabulous clothes in arrangement of blacks and reds.
Then I racked through H&M online to find that half the stuff I fell in love with wasn't on the website so am presuming they're all new stock....unless they've sold out in the space it took me to get home ?

Here's some I found. First the sexy Christmas party dress:

Second, the shocking yet subtle, day time dress:

Followed by the oh so cosy looking camel coloured cardi that would look great layered with the dress and the layerable all rounder pastel shirt:

Then, lets not forget the bulk of snuggely scarves and gloves H&M have in at the moment in an array of creams, browns, pastel pink and turquoise....The perfect Stocking fillers!

Whoever is brave enough to buy me clothes for Christmas, do so now! I am lovin' the winter lines at the moment, a mixture of cosiness and party time all in one.

Le grá ó,
     Millie x


  1. hahaha stop shopping there will be nothing left to get you!!!!!

  2. lol i have bought NONE of these, these are ideas pour toi et ma famille :p x