Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is the definition of Quirky. Her style signatures in her collections consist of colour, pattern and texture, topped off with a funky reinterpreted 60's twist. "We're bout taking something from the past and moving it forward." Kiely also likes to find influences from old films to inspire her collections. The Kiely consumer is described in one simple word, "Creative". Anyone have a colourful, retro-print bag hanging off their arm? Think quirky. Think Orla Kiely.
The Kiely flagship store may be located in Covent Garden but do ye wanna know the best thing about her? She's from the Irish homeland so she's a perfect character to discuss in the blog. Fair enough, she is from Dublin but I won't begrudge her of that!

I would consider Kiely to be Ireland's answer to Laura Ashley. Not only are they involved in womenswear lines for the likes of London Fashion Week but Kiely also has fragrance, paper and homeware lines!

And I can't enough of her website at the moment! The layout is so adorable and it's easy to use, which I found to be a godsend, as me and technology don't necessarily go hand in hand. Lol. The backdrop is a stem-like wallpaper, colourful, then transforms to a soft grey colour when viewing the products which makes it easier on us who have to occasionally wear glasses! But the pattern still keeps in check with the brand's image nonetheless.

What I most love of Kiely's Autumn/Winter 2010 is the bags. I want them all! There are sophisticated satchel like bags in arrays of browns and blacks, followed by a line of contrasting bags in shiny leather, prints and colourful patterns.


 Now I am In Looove with this slouchy tea-rose leather bag! But after having a double take at the price tag, I cannot fulfil my need (okay fine, my wanting) of this adorable piece of arm candy. To make it even more attractive it also comes in the other colours, nutmeg and walnut.

Now after extensive research I was unable to find a replica....this upset me. So if anyone can help me out it's much appreciated! My research was forcefully limited due to the death of my netbook laptop....So I was banished to the depths of the library and the looks I got from fellow students glancing at me scrolling down the computer screen at countless bags was priceless! I just wanted to scream, 'It's bloody research!' Some people are so quick to judge.

ASOS had the tonnes to choose from. However, none felt right. And because I was exiled to the library Topshop online failed miserably to load! Zara online was disappointing and New Look wasn't much better, despite all the options I was given. Typical when you want something, eh?


Now this cute nutmeg beauty is another favourite because it has the presence of a satchel and they are so on trend right now in any of the natural and brown tones so grab one a.s.a.p.!

And, to conclude, the finale piece. The bags that show who the eccentric, 60s loving Orla Kiely is!


This Acorn Cup Print bag is one of the items that make Kiely unique. It's vibrant, revives 60's quirkiness and makes one hell of a statement! The prints in the A/W10 collection effectively bring the Autumn itself to life with acorn prints and leaf motifs. Make sure to check out the homepage and fall in love with her like I have :)

Le gra o,
      Millie x



  1. awh babe i love the bags!!!!!awh i love the first one!!!

  2. The first ones my favourite too, shame I can't find a replica! But shall let u know as soon as :) x