Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Buying Affections

After countless dazy Retail Loyalty lectures so far this semester, I was actually able to witness myself becoming loyal to a store in a matter of seconds! Tis what happens when ye start becoming a serious student, I suppose, noticing all these little details after 'eagerly listening' to them in class...

Yesterday myself and a friend headed into town (solely for the purpose of fixing my laptop.) However, plans tend to change when two fashion students are together...Chatting erupted about some cute dresses she found online and before we knew it, we were in a sea of beautiful colourful fabrics.....heaven :)

Have a goo at my Soon To Be Christmas Party Dress....


Republic. Is that a big shop over here? I ask because this was my first encounter with them. Needless to say my friend was disgusted that she had to introduce me and the trip was well overdue!

Firstly, the sales staff were brilliant. While in the midst of putting out new stock that I desperately wanted to get my hands on, they still managed to be helpful in terms of finding sizes and pointing me in the right direction.

Secondly, the prices were reasonably affordable. And, as a student, that's a colossal issue! I believe I'm now more likely to choose this store when I want a new dress rather than the likes of New Look.

After, like an hour, messing in the changing rooms and customising the racks of outfits we dragged in with us, the sales assistant brought us directly to the counter to pay. The information she supplied us with was great. We gave them our email addresses to update us on any sales and discount days (seeing as we just missed the last one! Rage.) Then either, further happiness, when I discovered they are believers in 10% student discount! That loyalty programme is definitely a way to keep me bemused. Yes, I do realise they are merely buying my loyalty, but it builds up to trust and preference.....eventually. Well that's if the products purchased are of good quality. Other than that, I have no other faults with it the scheme!

If it wasn't already good enough, one of the items I was purchasing was on sale for just that day! (A gorgeous baby pink floaty mini top for £10) And, to my sheer delight, another item was Buy One Get One Free - another promotional technique that I happen to love. Well, in fairness, who doesn't?!

Check out my beautiful new blazer style jacket....


So, all in all, my first ever trip to Republic has left me happy and wanting more! Obviously the discounts were the main core for the satisfaction, but the sales staff contributed greatly to the overall experience and I wouldn't hesitate to go back, especially since my Christmas wardrobe is in there :) Republic, you have found yourselves a new customer!

Le grá ó,
      Millie x



  1. Awh babe I need to come over. And see this shop I love it already!!!

  2. haha loves it :) cant wait to wear my new republic dress. thinking about buying the red one now ha xxx

  3. cat well I'm delighted after my post ye wanna come over just to see it lol :D

    and yes shiv another trip is in order! x