Friday, 26 November 2010

Staying Stylish in Snow

Wow. That's all I can say!
It is absolutely freezing in the 'Deen....It would have to be when I move over here that Scotland sees the earliest fall of snow in 17 years !! I must say I was quite unprepared for it.

I had to rummage amongst hoards of bags under the bed just to find a suitable coat that would actually keep me dry. I must admit that although this coat is ancient, it does the job. And as a fashion student that shouldn't necessarily be my main concern, but under these conditions I really couldn't care! The coat gets whipped off as soon as I step through RGU doors and my hair gets to stay tame :)
It's not that it's an ugly coat. It's pretty. It's a baize toned jacket, so it has the camel tone vibe, and also has a fur collar, making it bang on trend. But it seems dated in my eyes due to the length of time it's been buried in my wardrobe back home. But over here I actually get the wear out of it! I think it's our own perceptions that make our clothes seem unstylish depending on how long we've owned it. We always seem to want a new one for every season.
But why should I waste money when I have a jacket that keeps me warm and is on trend? And even if your jacket isn't on trend, MAKE IT TRENDY! Buy a detachable fur collar or buttons. They work. And it costs less!

winter wonderland

Wellies were (well still are) my only downfall. I have yet to purchase a pair. For me, it seems silly to prance about in Uni or town flaunting a pair of wellies. Back home you rarely see people in them, unless they're on their way back from the stables! Because Ireland doesn't get a lot of snow at all (apart from last Christmas) wellies aren't a necessity. Its rain that we have to get through day in day out, and all that that requires is a waterproof jacket! (unusally a very unflattering one, which is why fashionistas, like me, don't wear them)

Being me, I don't want just any pair of wellies, I really want some cool ones. After scanning the internet I found a website that sells quirky booties. (

The one small drawback however is the price tag. This luxorious quilted boot costs £115.........But worth it in the long run right? They'll most certainly keep your feet toasty and prevent colds. 'Cos if you get sick, you'll fall behind in Uni. Yes? That is the arguement I shall use when bringing up the subject with my ma :) I love these because of the quilted texture because they are Oooh so channeling Chanel!

I cannot even attempt to justify to my mam these next pair of these booties....They are just fabulous!  Impractical? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. They are the most coolest wellies with that hint of glamour that I have ever seen :)

However, these beauties also carry a hefty price tag of £99........looks like I'll be heading to B&Q instead. Sadface much!

Le grá ó
   Millie x

P.S. I bought my Christmas dress I was pining for in Republic J

winter wonderland

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Buying Affections

After countless dazy Retail Loyalty lectures so far this semester, I was actually able to witness myself becoming loyal to a store in a matter of seconds! Tis what happens when ye start becoming a serious student, I suppose, noticing all these little details after 'eagerly listening' to them in class...

Yesterday myself and a friend headed into town (solely for the purpose of fixing my laptop.) However, plans tend to change when two fashion students are together...Chatting erupted about some cute dresses she found online and before we knew it, we were in a sea of beautiful colourful fabrics.....heaven :)

Have a goo at my Soon To Be Christmas Party Dress....


Republic. Is that a big shop over here? I ask because this was my first encounter with them. Needless to say my friend was disgusted that she had to introduce me and the trip was well overdue!

Firstly, the sales staff were brilliant. While in the midst of putting out new stock that I desperately wanted to get my hands on, they still managed to be helpful in terms of finding sizes and pointing me in the right direction.

Secondly, the prices were reasonably affordable. And, as a student, that's a colossal issue! I believe I'm now more likely to choose this store when I want a new dress rather than the likes of New Look.

After, like an hour, messing in the changing rooms and customising the racks of outfits we dragged in with us, the sales assistant brought us directly to the counter to pay. The information she supplied us with was great. We gave them our email addresses to update us on any sales and discount days (seeing as we just missed the last one! Rage.) Then either, further happiness, when I discovered they are believers in 10% student discount! That loyalty programme is definitely a way to keep me bemused. Yes, I do realise they are merely buying my loyalty, but it builds up to trust and preference.....eventually. Well that's if the products purchased are of good quality. Other than that, I have no other faults with it the scheme!

If it wasn't already good enough, one of the items I was purchasing was on sale for just that day! (A gorgeous baby pink floaty mini top for £10) And, to my sheer delight, another item was Buy One Get One Free - another promotional technique that I happen to love. Well, in fairness, who doesn't?!

Check out my beautiful new blazer style jacket....


So, all in all, my first ever trip to Republic has left me happy and wanting more! Obviously the discounts were the main core for the satisfaction, but the sales staff contributed greatly to the overall experience and I wouldn't hesitate to go back, especially since my Christmas wardrobe is in there :) Republic, you have found yourselves a new customer!

Le grá ó,
      Millie x

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is the definition of Quirky. Her style signatures in her collections consist of colour, pattern and texture, topped off with a funky reinterpreted 60's twist. "We're bout taking something from the past and moving it forward." Kiely also likes to find influences from old films to inspire her collections. The Kiely consumer is described in one simple word, "Creative". Anyone have a colourful, retro-print bag hanging off their arm? Think quirky. Think Orla Kiely.
The Kiely flagship store may be located in Covent Garden but do ye wanna know the best thing about her? She's from the Irish homeland so she's a perfect character to discuss in the blog. Fair enough, she is from Dublin but I won't begrudge her of that!

I would consider Kiely to be Ireland's answer to Laura Ashley. Not only are they involved in womenswear lines for the likes of London Fashion Week but Kiely also has fragrance, paper and homeware lines!

And I can't enough of her website at the moment! The layout is so adorable and it's easy to use, which I found to be a godsend, as me and technology don't necessarily go hand in hand. Lol. The backdrop is a stem-like wallpaper, colourful, then transforms to a soft grey colour when viewing the products which makes it easier on us who have to occasionally wear glasses! But the pattern still keeps in check with the brand's image nonetheless.

What I most love of Kiely's Autumn/Winter 2010 is the bags. I want them all! There are sophisticated satchel like bags in arrays of browns and blacks, followed by a line of contrasting bags in shiny leather, prints and colourful patterns.


 Now I am In Looove with this slouchy tea-rose leather bag! But after having a double take at the price tag, I cannot fulfil my need (okay fine, my wanting) of this adorable piece of arm candy. To make it even more attractive it also comes in the other colours, nutmeg and walnut.

Now after extensive research I was unable to find a replica....this upset me. So if anyone can help me out it's much appreciated! My research was forcefully limited due to the death of my netbook laptop....So I was banished to the depths of the library and the looks I got from fellow students glancing at me scrolling down the computer screen at countless bags was priceless! I just wanted to scream, 'It's bloody research!' Some people are so quick to judge.

ASOS had the tonnes to choose from. However, none felt right. And because I was exiled to the library Topshop online failed miserably to load! Zara online was disappointing and New Look wasn't much better, despite all the options I was given. Typical when you want something, eh?


Now this cute nutmeg beauty is another favourite because it has the presence of a satchel and they are so on trend right now in any of the natural and brown tones so grab one a.s.a.p.!

And, to conclude, the finale piece. The bags that show who the eccentric, 60s loving Orla Kiely is!


This Acorn Cup Print bag is one of the items that make Kiely unique. It's vibrant, revives 60's quirkiness and makes one hell of a statement! The prints in the A/W10 collection effectively bring the Autumn itself to life with acorn prints and leaf motifs. Make sure to check out the homepage and fall in love with her like I have :)

Le gra o,
      Millie x