Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Proud to be Irish Society

For a stylist maybe?

As I promised, details of the Irish antics and whatnot would be posted on this as soon as! And, darlings, I always keep my word.
 My two good fellow Irish friends decided to set up an Irish Society. I didn't think they had it in them but they clearly proved me wrong. Their was a joke between us that I would be the Treasurer, purely based on the fact that (a) I'm Irish, and (b) I'm nicknamed the 'lil' treasure'. Lol. To my surprise this 'running joke' became official as they registered my name for the role! I would just like to say this now....bad move lads. Lol. Trusting me with moneys, shame on you :p
I seriously dunno why they'd even consider to allow me deal with the society funds?? I told my mam on the phone she actually couldn't stop laughing! I was quite annoyed by that response to be fair as you'd think your own mother would be proud of her daughter to gain such a prestigious position. But no. She just finds it hysterical....Suppose I can't blame her really...I am a self confessed Shopaholic....But that's beside the point!

So last night was the first ever Irish Society meeting. A very momentous occasion indeed! Being the eager fashionista that I am, I decided to dress for the part. A Treasurer must be organised, sharp and sophisticated. I adopted the sophisticated look and feel thta I done myself justice. I decided to don dark tights, a tight black waisted skirt and a cream, pristine shirt with a mini frilled collar - it's adorable! To fully embody myself into the role I whipped out my glasses, just to have the whole package there. And it worked.

However, all my prepping and organising proved to be totally and utterly pointless as not one single person showed up! Cheers for the support the first ever society meeting ended up being the three of us playing pool and doing what we generally do, getting drunk! And it even happened unintentionally!

Quite a disappointing result all in all in terms of the Irish supposedly 'sticking together', but despite that I had great craic with the lads :)
However, I didn't even get to report on peoples' outfits though, and I was looking forward to that. Pictures and all. So the only outfit mentioned is my own, how sad....I refuse to comment on the lads wardrobes' because they seem to think they're style guru's and I don't wanna upset them and wreak their buzz...but may I just say that one was wearing a tracksuit...and he's one of the Presidents. Bless their lil' cotton socks! In fairness to the other, he did get his hair cut, but denies it was for the occasion. Effort is effort.

Ah well, maybe the next meeting will prove to be a success, we'll soon find out!

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

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