Monday, 18 October 2010

dia dhuit fashionistas :)

Fashion. Love. Lifestyle. (The title of this blog for you Scottish folk.)
Fashion, well for me, isn't complete without love. And the love I'm talking about is your strong affection for those fantabulous pair of heels that you pass by the shop window on your way to Uni every morning. Lifestyle ties in with fashion and love because being able to actually afford those glittery beauties is a totally different story!

To comfort that nagging little touch of occasional homesickness, I have decided the only way to cure it is writing about something close to my heart, Irish fashion :) That way when I'm visiting back home me shopping along Grafton Street (Dublin) will be classed as extensive research for my blog. Good plan? Methinks so!
         My idea is to research and discover key pieces/accessories from Irish designers Autumn/Winter 2010 collections and match their items that reflect the best trends of the season. Then, to incorporate more leisurely shopping (I mean research...) into my blog, I will investigate popular high street stores and find the more affordable, aka cheaper, version for bargain hunting, yet oh so stylish and fashion conscious, students!  

But that’s not all my darlings, for I will also be blogging about student life itself and what it’s like for Irish students living in Scotland. This will include sociable encounters (drinking, shopping and clubbing to name a mere few) and acquaintances’ styles compared to Scottish style. There will be photos if friends are willing to participate…probably when a little bit tipsy. Lol. The Irish-ness in Aberdeen is savage! And it’s quite comforting to hang with fellow Irish people (I live and work with them!). You will soon discover that us Irish are extremely versatile when it comes to socialising, or in reality terms ‘getting locked’, in the cheapest manner possible…For the fashionistas inside of us we will gladly sacrifice food and go hungry for a few days just for that cute new gúna (dress) to wear on that night out J
The Irish are slowly but surely taking over Scotland!

So with all that said, I hope you enjoy my blog and I can’t wait to start researching both online and in stores for those must needed winter accessories for countless Irish nights out in the 'deen!
Let the fun commence…

Le grá ó
   Millie x

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