Sunday, 31 October 2010

Court Charity Chic

 As you guessed from the title, Yes. I was summoned to Court......sounds quite bad if unaware of the truth! I swear it's all innocent guys! During the summer I witnessed a fight outside Priory, not surprised really!, and had to make a statement. Being who I am, I was more concerned over what the hell to wear standing on a witness stand rather than the actual task itself. Typical!

Anyone been to Retrospect ? Amazing!
Back home charity shops are dull, have a mysterious odour and finding a quirky item of clothing amongst the junk is as rare as finding a pair of Christian Louboutins 70% off !!
Here, in Aberdeen, charity shops are cool!  For our Uni photoshoot, we borrowed dresses from Retrospect, and may I saw that man who works there is The Best! During dress rehearsals I rooted, as you do, and found the most gorgeous brown blazer Ever....and it fit. Score :)

Best Buy of the Season, if I do say so myself. Especially when I found a replica in Topshop that was
£60.00 :)
So on the day of court rather than being bland and boring in the usual custom of white shirt and black skirt I embraced my stylish side, a la Paul Costelloe's Equestrian Chic!
I jazzed up the blazer with a brown skirt, my riding boots and a brooch. But not just any brooch, an Owl Brooch. I am in loooove with them right now, they're adorable and mine was even better because, being the bargain hunter than I am, I bought it on sale in Miss Selfridge.

Her name is Betsy :)

To compliment my arrays of brown, I threw on a turquoise scarf to inject some colour. I felt like little Becky Bloomwood from Confessions Of A Shopaholic with her statement green scarf!

Despite all my planning, bargain hunting and customising, the guy plead guilty and I had sat in the witness room for two hours amongst black suits for nothing and my outfit never got it's time to shine......ah well, least I got to experiment and make it work :)

Paul Costelloe and Becky Bloomwood would have been proud.

Le grá ó
   Millie x

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