Friday, 17 December 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Well semester 1 of 2nd year is officially over! And tis been an eventful one lol loadsa new friends and partying...a lot more coursework than I would have liked and a whole lot of drama :D

My Uni highlight would have to be the Photoshoot at the Norwood Hotel where I work. It was so much fun styling and customising the outfits with my hoards of jewelery. I even got to be the make up artist! I never realised how bossy I was until that day....the photographers insisted we helped direct our models on how to I rose to the challenge and eventually Shibby and Kirsty joined in :)

However, it has been a long semester and I can't wait to go home and cuddle up with the family by the fire and Christmas tree. That's if I get to fly home weather permitting...if not it will be me, my room and a microwave please snow, stay away!
Being the Irish socialite that I am, plans to hook up with my friends again are already being organised, and surprise surprise, it all involves booze! Likely to be every students plans over the next few weeks seeing as the majority of coursework stress has been and gone. Thank God.

I am having trouble when it comes to packing though. Seems being so generous and a Christmastime fanatic has its not being able to pack any clothes for home because my suitcase it bursting to the brim with Princess wrapped christmas presents! Well lets just say it better be unwrapped presents my case better be packed with when I come back to the 'deen :D

I've really enjoyed writing this blog, and to those of you who've read through my waffling I Thank You all! I am tempted to keep it up, probably not as regularly and especially not over the holidays 'cos I'm a busy girl. Lol.

Merry Christmas and have a savage New Year folks, see yis in 2011!

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Louise Kennedy

I must say this designer is undoubtably the epitome of Irish sophistication and glamour. Her A/W10 collection just oozes pure class. She has even created an International title for herself as a designer of sophistication. Even Mary Robinson (the first ever female Irish President for the Scots reminder) wore a gown of hers for her inauguration in  1997, which is such an honour to be presented with! Miss Louise has also been graced with the title of Irish Designer of the Year on, not one, but Four separate occasions.

I chose to post about this elegant lady for two random reasons (aside from the fact that her collection is stunning obviously!)

1. Her A/W10 photo shoot was set in a hotel just like our one in November :) Except ours did have a more eerie dark feel to it, but however, great minds think alike!

'AMELIE' Dress

2. Her collection incorporates teal into the colour scheme, which I was very impressed with, seeing as my Christmas dress is just that :)
(See Buying Affections post)

'CLARA' Dress

So I am going to leave this post with pride, knowing that a world renowned designer and myself share the same ideas and interests. This can only lead to great things........possibly a collaboration with the little lady in a few years time, ye never know!

Make sure you check out her website

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

London Fashion Week

Never in a million years did I think that this time two years ago while working my ass off for the Leaving Cert exams did I ever dream that I'd be on my way to London Fashion Week! Ever since I moved over to the 'deen I have never looked back. My course is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!
Fashion management. When I told folk back home that's what I'd be studyng there was mixed, sometimes concerned, responses. They assumed it was a one year course, like a PLC (college to Scottish readers) and that it would get me wrong they were :p

When I hear of people dropping out of Uni because they chose the wrong course my heart sinks for them. And then I realise how incredibly lucky I am to have started a whole new life over here, made new friends, surprisingly manage to hold down a job and live! My instincts were right, as soon as I visited to speak with Karen, my year head. I eagerly waited for the Leaving results, praying that I'd get the grades I needed....

And now, Here I Am. :)

LFW deposit has been paid, and is one of the best Christmas presents EVER!!
February pleeeeeeeease hurry up.
I can almost smell the waft of luxurious fabric, and feel the smooth, or eccentric (depending on the designer), textures. I can practically hear the clanks of heels and the faint chaotic chatter backstage before the show begins. I can taste the air of excitement and see the flamboyant outfits, which will eventually trickle down to high streets and in a few weeks be modeling my own version of them. Or better still, start off the trend first!

In S/S 2011 LFW in September three Irish designers were featured! My darling Paul Costelloe was the FIRST to showcase his collection via a classy catwalk show. His line was contrasting from floaty white fabrics to short metallic pieces. Costelloe got his inspiration from “Madeleine Vionnet, 1920s and 1930s reinterpreted with a rock’n’roll attitude".
I can't wait to see what he comes up with for Februray!

Miss Orla Kiely showed off her collection through a LFW presentation.
And John Rocha's line, who is in Debenhams, also paraded down a catwalk.

I can't seem to narrow down my shortlist as to who I wanna see. I'm gonna be running around like a blue arsed fly trying to catch a glimpse of every catwalk show, from the legendary Vivienne Westwood to Christopher Kane !

It can’t come quick enough. This shall be the longest, most anticipated Christmas present ever…the fact I’m incredibly impatient doesn’t help matters either!

Le grá ó
   Millie x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Philip Treacy

I was honestly left starstruck after googling Mr. Treacy. This genius has literally left me stunned and makes me so proud to be IRISH! His hats are the rare diamonds sought in the fashion world. He could even give Miss Elsa Schiaparelli a run for her money with his bold and daring designs....If you are a follower of style and the outlandish, continue reading!

Treacy is an Irish man through and through from rural Co. Galway. But he soon whisked himself off to Dublin to study in NCAD (The National College of Art and Design) to become the iconic Irish milliner that would shock and awe the public (in a good way).

Philip Treacy was summoned to Paris 1991 (when I was born!) by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld after he graduated and went on to design in the House of Chanel for ten years! This boy certainly got to live the dream. Treacy also started collaborating with Alexander McQueen for his white Haute Couture collection at Givenchy while he was livin' it up in Paris.
And the Philip Treacy set out on his own and never looked back!

He has been awarded the title of British Accessory Designer of the Year on FIVE occasions the early 1990s.

Branching out, Treacy designed hats for various films, including the legendary Harry Potter franchise and the stylish Sex and the City films! But Treacy's real claim to fame arose when he designed a hat for the Grammys and developed his close relationship to a miss LADY GAGA..........

Gaga modeling Treacy
This relationship was heightened when Gaga applied for an Internship with Treacy. Gaga wants to brush up on her millinery skills and create yet more flamboyant headpieces for her stage outfits. And who better to learn from than the extravegant Philip ? Talks are still underway but, fingers crossed, the crazy duo could be working together next summer.............imagine the possibilities !?

The Unconventional yet Brilliant Duo

Philip Treacy's A/W 2010/11' collection is stunning. The general theme is Edwardian like in the style of the hats, contrasting in bright colours of shocking pink and turquoise. I was quite surprised when I noticed that his collection seems to transcend down onto the high street in terms of colour and trends.

The fluffy headpieces everyone's sporting?...Take your hat off (excuse the pun) to Treacy. For his collection he created an outrageous pink number and now the majority of students are wearing the stylish headbands to keep cosy.

The oh so adorable hats with animal ears in the likes of River Island? All Philip Treacy! He created an armour like helmet in zebra print sports huge animal ears.

River Island 12.99

The turqouise and cream themed scarves and hats within the walls of Accessorise have been adopted due to Philip Treacy's colour scheme.

Accessorise 16.00

The endless accessories embellished with feathers and fur?.......Go raibh mille maith agat, Mr. Treacy (meaning 'thanks a million' in the Irish tongue)

Unfortunately Philip Treacy's homepage won't allow me to steal a few pictures for the blog but be my guest and explore the website. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas daze

Well, I must say I've had quite a depressing few days...The snow is getting old. I believe that I'm possibly suffering from frostbite and to top the bad weather off and make me resent it even more, my Mammy and sisters can't fly over to visit me!

So as I begrudgingly cancelled their hotel booking, I thought 'what better way to cheer me up than a good auld night out?' So I rounded up the Irish troops and headed out for my friend's birthday. Despite hiking to the flat in boots filled with snow and my farmer friend wearing plastic bags as ski's, the weather didn't stop us from partying and twas quite a good night!
However, home nursing the hangover, the feeling of sadness started to sink in again. And then it hit me. And I call myself a fashion student ! To fill that empty void, the shopaholic in me whispered, 'retail therapy is the only way!'
So with that I threw on some woolies and ventured off out into the cold...

Seeing as December is finally amongst us, I felt it perfectly acceptable to let the Christmas shopping commence. And, surprisingly, buying for other folk was more exciting and rewarding than purchasing new outtfits for me....who knew!?

However, that last comment didn't stop me from looking ;)

H& The velvet red curtains in the window display drew me in and as soon as I wandered in, I felt immediately Christmassy. Christmas music flooded through the store and the rails were filled with racks of fabulous clothes in arrangement of blacks and reds.
Then I racked through H&M online to find that half the stuff I fell in love with wasn't on the website so am presuming they're all new stock....unless they've sold out in the space it took me to get home ?

Here's some I found. First the sexy Christmas party dress:

Second, the shocking yet subtle, day time dress:

Followed by the oh so cosy looking camel coloured cardi that would look great layered with the dress and the layerable all rounder pastel shirt:

Then, lets not forget the bulk of snuggely scarves and gloves H&M have in at the moment in an array of creams, browns, pastel pink and turquoise....The perfect Stocking fillers!

Whoever is brave enough to buy me clothes for Christmas, do so now! I am lovin' the winter lines at the moment, a mixture of cosiness and party time all in one.

Le grá ó,
     Millie x

Friday, 26 November 2010

Staying Stylish in Snow

Wow. That's all I can say!
It is absolutely freezing in the 'Deen....It would have to be when I move over here that Scotland sees the earliest fall of snow in 17 years !! I must say I was quite unprepared for it.

I had to rummage amongst hoards of bags under the bed just to find a suitable coat that would actually keep me dry. I must admit that although this coat is ancient, it does the job. And as a fashion student that shouldn't necessarily be my main concern, but under these conditions I really couldn't care! The coat gets whipped off as soon as I step through RGU doors and my hair gets to stay tame :)
It's not that it's an ugly coat. It's pretty. It's a baize toned jacket, so it has the camel tone vibe, and also has a fur collar, making it bang on trend. But it seems dated in my eyes due to the length of time it's been buried in my wardrobe back home. But over here I actually get the wear out of it! I think it's our own perceptions that make our clothes seem unstylish depending on how long we've owned it. We always seem to want a new one for every season.
But why should I waste money when I have a jacket that keeps me warm and is on trend? And even if your jacket isn't on trend, MAKE IT TRENDY! Buy a detachable fur collar or buttons. They work. And it costs less!

winter wonderland

Wellies were (well still are) my only downfall. I have yet to purchase a pair. For me, it seems silly to prance about in Uni or town flaunting a pair of wellies. Back home you rarely see people in them, unless they're on their way back from the stables! Because Ireland doesn't get a lot of snow at all (apart from last Christmas) wellies aren't a necessity. Its rain that we have to get through day in day out, and all that that requires is a waterproof jacket! (unusally a very unflattering one, which is why fashionistas, like me, don't wear them)

Being me, I don't want just any pair of wellies, I really want some cool ones. After scanning the internet I found a website that sells quirky booties. (

The one small drawback however is the price tag. This luxorious quilted boot costs £115.........But worth it in the long run right? They'll most certainly keep your feet toasty and prevent colds. 'Cos if you get sick, you'll fall behind in Uni. Yes? That is the arguement I shall use when bringing up the subject with my ma :) I love these because of the quilted texture because they are Oooh so channeling Chanel!

I cannot even attempt to justify to my mam these next pair of these booties....They are just fabulous!  Impractical? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. They are the most coolest wellies with that hint of glamour that I have ever seen :)

However, these beauties also carry a hefty price tag of £99........looks like I'll be heading to B&Q instead. Sadface much!

Le grá ó
   Millie x

P.S. I bought my Christmas dress I was pining for in Republic J

winter wonderland